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When An Insurer Won’t Do The Right Thing, Consider A Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Did a windstorm, fire or structural defect lead to the collapse of a portion of your home or commercial property? Did the property insurer fail to make good on its policy and pay what was necessary to repair the home or business? If any such sequence of events has happened to you and you’re left holding a bag of debts, you are right to consider filing a bad faith insurance claim.

At FFox Law LLC in Tempe, we are well aware of the prevalence of insurance bad faith. Attorney Frank M. Fox and his team work hard to right the wrongs by filing well-documented bad faith insurance claims. Through negotiations, mediation, or trials, we bring about justice for people and organizations that have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits to which they were entitled.

What Constitutes Insurance Bad Faith, And Is It Correctable?

Insurance bad faith may mean that an insurer committed one of the wrongdoings described below. The claims adjusters and other decision-makers may have:

  • Denied claims without giving reasons for doing so.
  • Failed to conduct prompt and complete investigations after receiving reports of claim events such as roof collapses during storms.
  • Offered benefits that were insufficient to pay for the damage after a disaster.
  • Misrepresented laws or insurance policy language when denying claims.

The wrongdoer might have been your insurer or the insurer of a liable party who damaged your car or home or other property. In any case, when you deserve benefits, you have the right to expect an insurer to follow the law and their own policy terms. You are doing the right thing by seeking out a skilled, respected plaintiff’s attorney with abundant experience in bad faith insurance claims.

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